New Theme – Nisarg

New Theme – Nisarg

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2017)

I just got the new blog up and running, the first thing I decided to do is change the default theme. After looking at a few free themes I though Nisarg was great suitĀ for a developer blog. It is clean, responsive and easy. It was easy to add by going to “Appearance” -> “Themes” -> “Add New” and typing Nisarg in the search box, downloading and activating.

I will do some edits as I develop it further but for now I have made some basic CSSĀ changes by going to “Appearence” -> “Themes” -> “Customize” -> “Additional CSS”. I did not really like the big header, so I made it hidden, leaving only 1px line by adding:

.site-header {
  height: 1px;
  min-height: 1px;
.site-header .site-branding {

I also did not like text-transform options, so I have set them to default:

.navbar, .entry-header, .entry-meta a, #secondary .widget-title {
  text-transform: none;
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Rasim Adjiasmanov
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Rasim is a veteran web developer who started building websites in 90s while still in middle school. The passion for the web grew stronger since childhood. After graduating University of Southern Indiana with Computer Information Systems degree in 2006, Rasim worked on a number of projects and helped building a number of companies.

2 thoughts on “New Theme – Nisarg

  1. Hello Rasim,

    Glad I came across your site!

    I’m not a developper, but I’m designing the site for some friends members of a BMW club (bikes).

    I’ve installed the Nisarg theme, but I’m a bit bothered by the height of the homepage image and would also like to be able to move the site title at will !

    For the site title, I know this is located in the “site-header .site-branding ” section of the style.css file, but whatever I try out, changing position playing with left and top %, when I save the changes it doesn’t seem to apply to the title !

    My other main concern is about the header image, I would like to know where in the style.css (any other file that should be changed ?) I can increase the height from the mx 1600×400 required size ?
    I didn’t find any mention of these figures in the code, so how I can upload let’s say 1600×600 for instance or any image with the same ratio of course?
    Thanks so much for your help !


  2. Hi Philippe,

    The title is located within .site-header block. I believe the default min-height is set to 300px and can be edited as you need it. You can then position the text by editing .site-title block properties. You are right about .site-header .site-branding left and top settings, adjusting those should work. Make sure that you have a “.” before “site-header” as it seems to be missing in your description of “.site-header .site-branding”.
    I have not played with a header image, but “.site-header” block should be it.

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